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The core activities of The Oxford Business Network are as listed below, however The Oxford Business Network is designed to be an ever evolving model to suit the membership.

The Oxford Business Network is established for the members and activities may change, so we therefore reserve the right to change the content of these activities at any time.

  • Regular breakfast meetings - max 2 hours

A meeting will be held on a regular basis at a location announced in advance.

The cost of these meetings is not included within the membership fee and attendance will be charged to members at cost.

Invited non members are allowed to attend 2 meetings before joining the group, but will pay a higher fee than members.

  • Other networking opportunities
    • The Oxford Business Network will look to organise regular social events, which will be offered at cost to members.
    • As before invited non members are allowed to attend a maximum of 2 meetings before joining the group, but will pay a higher fee than members.
    • The Oxford Business Network will organise Vocational visits to places of interest to the members
    • 1:2:1 meetings to also be encouraged as the greatest way to understand another members businesses and objectives
    • Industry specific events or training may be offered
  • Annual events such as a golf day. These will be offered to members at a subsidised fee or cost and may be held in partnership with other organisations.
  • Charity / community support – to support our corporate responsibility programmes by combining our efforts to make a positive contribution to our local area and local charities

The Oxford Business Network will also produce a regular newsletter communication, with the opportunity for contributions from members. This communication will also provide you with the ability to forward the useful content as added value to your own clients.

Open feedback from members is encouraged at all times with the view to creating a culture of an ever evolving positive experience for the members.


Membership will provide:

  • Increased business opportunities
  • Support and advice from group members on business related issues
  • Increased customer satisfaction from an approved range of reliable providers.

Full membership of the Group shall be open to businesses who are interested in working to the objectives of the Group and who have paid the annual subscription.

Membership fees are as follows:                          

Annual membership Fee                £120 + vat  or pro-rata to 1st June                

These fees will be invoiced in advance and payment is required before a confirmation of membership is fully approved. Annual fees are payable on the 1st June each year.

The right of membership renewal is not automatic and subject to considerations such as interaction with other members and the support to the network.

Membership is non-exclusive, creating sub ‘synergy group’ opportunities to work with those often incorrectly categorised as competitors. However a limited maximum number of members per profession or industry will be allowed at the discretion of the committee.

There will be no pressure or membership terminations based on attendance or the giving of referrals. However an expectation will exist to support each other and the wellbeing of the network, which will be taken into consideration on renewal.

Members will be encouraged to invite guests to meetings and events and promote membership of The Oxford Business Network to other appropriate business owners.



The network has its own web site

Each member will be entitled to a free listing showing their name, business, location, email, telephone number and a brief overview of their business (max 25 words). The listing will also include a further business summary (additional 35 words), a logo (in JPEG format, Max 1mb), with a hyperlink to the members own web site and upto 4 amends to this listing per year. A Small cost may apply to amend this listing if desired.



If the Committee decides at any time that on the ground of expense or otherwise it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Group, it shall call a meeting of all members of the Group to notify the reasons why.

Paid up members will be refunded their membership fee on a pro-rata basis